Monday, July 9, 2007

Education in India

Over the last one year, CKS has taken me to numerous villages around the country. Whether it was the outskirts or Bangalore or a remote Bhuj village or something closer to the capital, certain environments remained constant. And the one thing which made an impression on me the most was the state of primary schools in rural India.

According to the Government of India, by the end of 2000, 94% of India's rural population had primary schools within one km and 84% had upper primary schools within 3 km. But are there enough teachers? How about infrastructure?

This is one of the best classrooms in this school I visited recently -- no desks and chairs, no electricity, not enough place to fit in almost a 100 students!

Is this the future of our future? How can design be used to improve the education system in India?


Anonymous said...

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