Monday, March 5, 2012

Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving - Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

Section One: An Introduction to Wicked Problems

This section first introduces the idea of wicked problems—large-scale social issues that plague humanity, like poverty or malnutrition—and then describes the role of design in mitigating these problems.

Section Two: Skills for the Social Entrepreneur

This section describes the skills designers will need in order to tackle wicked problems effectively.

Section Three: Teaching and Learning

This section describes a model for teaching and learning social entrepreneurship. If you're an educator, the model will help you change an existing curriculum. If you're a practitioner, it will help you structure your own course of study without enrolling in a formal program.

Section Four: Methods

This section contains methods—stand-alone techniques—that you can use as you take on wicked problems from an entrepreneurial perspective. Some of the methods are for conducting research and gaining empathy, while others are for making sense of data and coming up with new ideas. There are also methods for building financial models and worksheets to help you target financial success.

Methods for Conducting Research and Gaining Empathy

Methods for Synthesizing Data and Developing Ideas

Methods for Creating New Designs

Methods for Planning a Business

In Closing